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My son is a person first.

May 26, 2011

Several years ago, I had the honor of listening to a presentation by Kathie Snow at a CHASA Family Retreat.  CHASA is the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association.

Kathie changed my way of thinking about individuals with disabilities.  And especially my thoughts about having a child with a disability.  I always considered myself as having progressive thinking, but Kathie’s message struck a chord with me.  Her information about People First Language hit home.  Words are important.  Thoughts are important.  Full inclusion is possible.

Please take a look at Kathie’s website

Explore and be inspired.  According to Kathie Snow, “People First Language is not political correctness; instead, it demonstrates good manners, respect, the Golden Rule, and more—it can change the way we see a person”

We are raising our son to live a full and real life, with every opportunity and expectation we have for our other two sons.  Thank you Kathie Snow for your insight, intelligence and dedication to educating all of us.

Another individual that I admire is Kyle Maynard.  Kyle is a son, brother, friend, speaker, business owner, published author, wrestler, and more.  Kyle’s story and his determination to live his life with NO EXCUSES is a message for all, not just those with disabilities.

I highly recommend Kyle’s book.  It is a great read…it took me only one weekend to read it.

We are raising our son just as Kyle’s parents raised him….with no excuses….and it is working for us.

My son is a young man, a brother, a cousin, nephew, grandson, student, friend, athlete, hard worker, Paralympic Hopeful, a dreamer, caring, affectionate and so much more.  Oh, and he also happens to be paralyzed on his right side from a stroke he had at the age of 2 years and 3 months.  This paralysis is called Hemiplegia or Hemipareses which is a form of Cerebral Palsy.

Anything is possible.

Thank you!

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