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Custom Sports Posters

May 20, 2011

With three boys playing sports all year long, and hundreds of photos taken, I have found a great way to preserve these great moments in time.  I take as many photos as I can and also use available photos from our team photographers.  I have created one of a kind posters for my sons as well as friends and acquaintences.  Through word of mouth, I have even expanded to design for businesses and others as well.  I can even offer team and individual sports photography.

If you would like me to design something for you, simply email me at You will email me 5-10 photos of your athlete (other themes are available) along with the wording you would like and I will design your poster.  If you are local, I will print the poster for you.  Frames are available as well.  If you are not local, I will design your poster and send you the jpeg.  You will own the license to the design and can print however you’d like.   Encorporating this little side business allows me to earn some gas money for all those games I am traveling to, so I thank you in advance for your business.

Posters make great gifts for graduates, birthdays, teachers and much more.

One athlete, multi sport, 20×30 print $55,  frame available for $40 more.  Jpeg only $45.

11×14 coaches gift, multi player, $45 for first, $25 for each additional, frame $40, jpeg only $100

8×10 additional prints $15 each, 8×10 frames $25

11×14 individual single sport $45, frame $40, 8×10 additional prints $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

11×14 graduation $45, frame $40, 8×10 additional prints $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

11×14 Dance $45, Frame $40, 8×10 additional print $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

20×30 Individual Band $55, Frame $40, jpeg only $45

11×14 Coach’s gift or Team poster $45 for first, $25 for each additional, frames $40 each

8×10 additional prints $12 each, 8×10 frames $25, jpeg only  $100

Player banquet gift:  8×10 or 5×7.  Please request quote based on number of players, size and framing.

11×14 individual cheer $45, Frame $40, 8×10 additional prints $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

11×14 Awareness Poster  $45,  $25 for each additional, Frame $40, 8×10 additional $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35.  Ask about fundraising opportunities.  I am happy to donate a % to your organization!

11×14 Business $45, Frame $40, 8×10 additional print $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

Volume discounts available.  Please request a quote.

20×30 single athlete, multi sport with newspaper articles $55, Frame $40, jpeg only $45

Team and individual player photo packages starting at $20.

Individual Action Photography.  Pricing will vary.  Call for quote.

4×6 wine label, jpeg only $35

8 1/2 x 11 (60 page) program book.  Custom Design just for you.  Call for quote.  You can use your own printing company or I can suggest one for you.

Banner Designs:  any size.  I will design for you.  Just need dimentions.  Jpeg only $50

Other Options:   funeral board, invitations, announcements, and anything else you can dream up, I can design for you.  Please contact me for details and pricing.

Hosting an event or fundraiser?  Silent Auction?  Need raffle items?  I would love to donate a FREE poster for your event.  Contact me to set something up!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 25, 2011 4:25 pm

    Hey Patti – you are Extraordinary! I love your posters, they make everyone SHINE! Congratulations on your success! Monica

  2. May 26, 2011 10:30 am

    Thanks Monica!! You know I feel the same way about you! Your photography is absolutely
    beautiful….just like you!!

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