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Overcome it and succeed!

October 9, 2013

Overcome it and succeed!

For anyone who hasn’t seen this.  I haven’t blogged in many months.  May have to dust off the cobwebs!


My son is a person first.

May 26, 2011

Several years ago, I had the honor of listening to a presentation by Kathie Snow at a CHASA Family Retreat.  CHASA is the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association.

Kathie changed my way of thinking about individuals with disabilities.  And especially my thoughts about having a child with a disability.  I always considered myself as having progressive thinking, but Kathie’s message struck a chord with me.  Her information about People First Language hit home.  Words are important.  Thoughts are important.  Full inclusion is possible.

Please take a look at Kathie’s website

Explore and be inspired.  According to Kathie Snow, “People First Language is not political correctness; instead, it demonstrates good manners, respect, the Golden Rule, and more—it can change the way we see a person”

We are raising our son to live a full and real life, with every opportunity and expectation we have for our other two sons.  Thank you Kathie Snow for your insight, intelligence and dedication to educating all of us.

Another individual that I admire is Kyle Maynard.  Kyle is a son, brother, friend, speaker, business owner, published author, wrestler, and more.  Kyle’s story and his determination to live his life with NO EXCUSES is a message for all, not just those with disabilities.

I highly recommend Kyle’s book.  It is a great read…it took me only one weekend to read it.

We are raising our son just as Kyle’s parents raised him….with no excuses….and it is working for us.

My son is a young man, a brother, a cousin, nephew, grandson, student, friend, athlete, hard worker, Paralympic Hopeful, a dreamer, caring, affectionate and so much more.  Oh, and he also happens to be paralyzed on his right side from a stroke he had at the age of 2 years and 3 months.  This paralysis is called Hemiplegia or Hemipareses which is a form of Cerebral Palsy.

Anything is possible.

Thank you!

A sad situation and it’s about playing time

May 20, 2011

This article is 5 months old, but very relevent to what is happening in today’s high schools.  This really has to stop.  If parents are accusing coaches of bullying their kids, why are they sending them back to practice the next day? And how could the program be growing?  And improving? These parents are bullies.  I’d like to file charges against THEM!

Tell me what you think.

Custom Sports Posters

May 20, 2011

With three boys playing sports all year long, and hundreds of photos taken, I have found a great way to preserve these great moments in time.  I take as many photos as I can and also use available photos from our team photographers.  I have created one of a kind posters for my sons as well as friends and acquaintences.  Through word of mouth, I have even expanded to design for businesses and others as well.  I can even offer team and individual sports photography.

If you would like me to design something for you, simply email me at You will email me 5-10 photos of your athlete (other themes are available) along with the wording you would like and I will design your poster.  If you are local, I will print the poster for you.  Frames are available as well.  If you are not local, I will design your poster and send you the jpeg.  You will own the license to the design and can print however you’d like.   Encorporating this little side business allows me to earn some gas money for all those games I am traveling to, so I thank you in advance for your business.

Posters make great gifts for graduates, birthdays, teachers and much more.

One athlete, multi sport, 20×30 print $55,  frame available for $40 more.  Jpeg only $45.

11×14 coaches gift, multi player, $45 for first, $25 for each additional, frame $40, jpeg only $100

8×10 additional prints $15 each, 8×10 frames $25

11×14 individual single sport $45, frame $40, 8×10 additional prints $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

11×14 graduation $45, frame $40, 8×10 additional prints $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

11×14 Dance $45, Frame $40, 8×10 additional print $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

20×30 Individual Band $55, Frame $40, jpeg only $45

11×14 Coach’s gift or Team poster $45 for first, $25 for each additional, frames $40 each

8×10 additional prints $12 each, 8×10 frames $25, jpeg only  $100

Player banquet gift:  8×10 or 5×7.  Please request quote based on number of players, size and framing.

11×14 individual cheer $45, Frame $40, 8×10 additional prints $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

11×14 Awareness Poster  $45,  $25 for each additional, Frame $40, 8×10 additional $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35.  Ask about fundraising opportunities.  I am happy to donate a % to your organization!

11×14 Business $45, Frame $40, 8×10 additional print $15, 8×10 frame $25, jpeg only $35

Volume discounts available.  Please request a quote.

20×30 single athlete, multi sport with newspaper articles $55, Frame $40, jpeg only $45

Team and individual player photo packages starting at $20.

Individual Action Photography.  Pricing will vary.  Call for quote.

4×6 wine label, jpeg only $35

8 1/2 x 11 (60 page) program book.  Custom Design just for you.  Call for quote.  You can use your own printing company or I can suggest one for you.

Banner Designs:  any size.  I will design for you.  Just need dimentions.  Jpeg only $50

Other Options:   funeral board, invitations, announcements, and anything else you can dream up, I can design for you.  Please contact me for details and pricing.

Hosting an event or fundraiser?  Silent Auction?  Need raffle items?  I would love to donate a FREE poster for your event.  Contact me to set something up!

Hard work pays off for Athlete with Disability

May 12, 2011

My son had a stroke at the age of 2.  He has played all sorts of sports since he was 5.  He does everything one handed as he is completely paralyzed in his right arm and hand. 

See my post on his road to the paralympics.  Here is a video of Danny on his local parks and rec team.  Danny loves being a leader.  Danny is also on his school team which he had to try out for.  Only 15 kids made the team.  Keep in mind that Danny’s school is one of the largest in our state and the competition is fierce.  Danny’s team was so good, that Danny is on the 2nd-3rd string.  That’s okay, he is constantly working to get better.  He spends hours in the gym perfecting his shot and practicing his ball handling. 

I hope that this video will inspire you to have HOPE for your child.  ANYTHING is possible.  GO DANNY!

The Road to the Paralympics

May 2, 2011
My middle son is an 8th grader at the local Junior High School.
He is a three sport athlete who plays football, basketball and runs track for his school.
Sports are nothing new for him as he has played organized athletics from the age of 5.
This does not sound out of the ordinary until you find out that my son lived through a very serious
stroke at the age of 2 that paralyzed him on the right side of his body.  He was hospitalized
for 5 long weeks as he fought for his life in the Pediatric ICU.  My husband and I were in shock
as our baby’s life hung in the balance.
Fast forward 10 years and hours of physical and occupational therapy later, and our amazing son is living a happy life and he has a dream.  He dreams of making the US Paralympic team and
competing in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Paralympic games run the two
weeks after the Olympic games and are for serious, elite athletes with disabilities from all over the world.
My son has been preparing for the last 9 years.  His first sport was T-ball at the age of 5.
He used the Jim Abbot technique of catching and throwing with one hand and he also bats one
handed.  Next came soccer, basketball and fast pitch.  Then, flag football and soon after, tackle football.  He has played for his local Parks and Recreation teams, AYSO and with the Shelby Lions Football Club.
He has never been a superstar, but he holds his own against his able bodied peers.
Upon entering his Junior High School, he now had to try out for the school teams.  With hard work,
determination and outright skill, he has made both the Football and Basketball teams for two
years running.  This year, he is also running track in order to begin training to be a Paralympian.
My son does everything one handed as the stroke left his right arm and hand completely paralyzed.
He wears a brace on his leg to help him limp less.  He has to work a lot harder than most athletes
to get similar results.  After team practices, you will many times find him back at the gym taking
more shots or organizing a pickup game of hoops.  You will also find him at the track running more,
even as he battles through blisters from breaking in a new leg brace.
Here is Danny on his parks and rec basketball team.  He has been a leader all season.
Here are some highlights from his 8th grade basketball season.  Look for #32 with the leg brace.
On his track team, he competes in the 100m, 800m and Shot Put.  Although, he does not run for points at the meets, his goal is to reach the Paralympic Standards.  The first time out of the gate, he ran a 16.70
in the 100m.  A tenth of a second faster than the Paralympic Junior Standard for Nationals in his disability class!
He will compete in both the Thunder in the Valley Games and The National Junior Disability
Championships this summer.  Both will be held at Saginaw Valley State University.  He will also
test his skill in the Table Tennis Competition.
Since he also excels at racquet sports, he is looking forward to being on his high school’s tennis team in the fall.
My family has been a part of CHASA, the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association
since Danny’s stroke in April of 1999.  CHASA is a non-profit organization that supports families
living with childhood stroke.  CHASA offers a worldwide online community of over 1500 families,
a national family retreat, scholarships, awareness and also funds pediatric stroke research.  It is through
our affiliation with CHASA, that the we have learned about how to guide our son toward his
Paralympic Dream.
With May being Stroke Awareness Month, we, along with CHASA, are working to create awareness
about childhood stroke and raise money to further this cause.
It is not every day that an athlete gets to bring home a GOLD medal for the US.  With hard work and dedication, we think our son just might have a chance.  Subscribe today to keep up with our son on his road to the Pralympics.

The Boys of Fall

April 22, 2011

My favorite football video. Makes me cry every time!!